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Train Like Mr. Olympia: Phil Heath's Hamstring And Calf Workout

If you like it, keep it Here he says he goes for the roundness of the calf. He goes with 15-20 reps on this. Then he moves onto the calf extension, where he stresses strict form and no movement, allowing for isolated contractions with a nice slow and steady tempo. This is just one his weekly workouts because he does hamstrings twice a week. Each workout is different, allowing for the shocking of the fitness muscles and the targeting of more specific areas and muscle fiber recruitment. This leads to optimum detail of each muscle. So if you are looking to build good hamstrings, or even better hamstrings for that matter, review this video will homepage be a good place to start. What better place to start than by following the advice of a champion.
Full story: http://www.examiner.com/article/train-like-mr-olympia-phil-heath-s-hamstring-and-calf-workout

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